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The sunbeams and the sunflowers

Recovery is a bit like travelling through an overgrown woodland.

The first time you attempt to make the journey you can barely see the pathway hidden behind the woodland trees, and the world will feel bathed in darkness.

In fact, at first there is no pathway, each step is a step into the unknown, you are treading on thorns, and changing the direction like the wind, over and over. You will have to go backwards, sometimes, in order to keep moving forwards, and you will get lost many times, and you will step on painful parts, over and over, and you will feel like giving up, many times.

But eventually, one day you will notice golden sunbeams and raindrops and fireflies. And you will notice the sunflowers and the bluebells as the darkness begins to clear and you will look back on your journey and you will see clearly the footprints you have imprinted from your travels as memories and moments and reminders of what to do next time. What to do next time you fall backwards, next time you tread on troubled ground, and you will see, one day, how far you have come and how much you have overcome.

One day you will see that every obstacle that you have faced on your journey, that you thought were sure to break you, you have survived and you will see that your wounds have given you the wings you'll need for the next part of your healing, patiently resting in the troubled waters, glistening in the moonshine of tomorrow.

Keep going.

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