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Yoga & Mindfulness for Eating Disorders

I have developed and facilitated 'Yoga as a Recovery Tool' workshops for eating disorder in-patient and outpatient services at The Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospital.

I currently offer weekly online yoga and mindfulness classes for people recovering from eating difficulties and body image issues as part of my role as an eating disorder therapist at The Maudsley.  'Gentle Yoga for Anxiety and Eating Disorders- on @freedfromed Instagram - Fridays- 11am. 

- “Your yoga classes have honestly changed the way  I interact with my body and movement - I can’t  thank you enough for the wonderful work you do” 

- “The FREED yoga is a uniquely resolutive space for  me to explore my body as a gift, without hurry or  compulsion or judgement. It's especially valuable  to do so in a context that is additional to  conventional talking options, because it's fully  experiential and free. I appreciate particularly  where there's a proposed theme and ancillary  readings, alongside multiple modifications. The  music adds to the sense of creativity and calm."  

Extract from ‘Body Dysmorphia and art in Lockdown’ 


- “A resource that has really helped me …in  recent times is an Instagram account called  @freedfromed - it is a lot looser than the sort of help  we might choose to seek out, which is not a negative  thing; instead, through communal virtual activities  such as gentle yoga and poetry IG Live sessions, the  thought processes which lead to eating disorders are  addressed and explored in a way that feels very safe  and un-pressurised. It's an incredible channel and  groups eating disorders and anxiety together, so the  journey feels truly holistic.”  

Yoga & Mindfulness for Addiction 

During my time at Lambeth Drug and Alcohol Service, I developed the first Yoga Therapy for Addiction course in the NHS after attending a Yoga + Addiction – Continuing Professional Development Course.

I also ran weekly Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention workshops at this service and both of my groups are currently the focus of a PHD study at Kings College London looking into the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness for recovery. 

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