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House of Almond Blossom

Body image healing through movement, therapeutic wisdom & music

About me

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Meet Amelia

Dearest YOU! 

I am so glad you found your way here!

Here is a safe and a brave space.

Here is a community.

Here is a space to come back home to yourself.

Here is a space to call home.

So, before we go any further, let me introduce myself!

My name is Cath and I am a yoga & intuitive movement teacher and

I use ambient and electronic music with movement & therapeutic

wisdom as the vessel to facilitate a safe and brave space for people's

healing journeys! 

I also a specialist psychological eating disorders therapist and I have

lived experience recovering from my own eating disorder many

moons ago which is why I am SO PASSIONATE and unwavering

in my belief in people's capacity to change! (More on this later!)

For now, I just wanted to say you may not know why you have found

yourself here, but I am really glad that you did and I look forward to

getting to know you on your journey!

Trust the path unseen.

With love,

Cath xx


"Cath has such a special quality as a yoga teacher. She teaches from the heart, and holds a beautiful space for each individual to grow at their own pace. I always feel grounded and warm (both physically and emotionally!) at the end of each session. Thank you, thank you! x"

— Karima




WAVES (Trust in the WAVES)

Embodied movement & DANCING classes to ambient and electronic music in Hackney!



1:1 and group private therapy for recovery from eating disorders and body image healing.



Co-created wellbeing and healing experiences with other creatives, poets, musicians, artists & healers.

Past Offerings

Wilderness Festival | Noisily Festival | We Out Here | Festival No.6 | Standon Calling | Neverworld Festival | The Wonderland Garden Party | Pi Artworks | Majorca Yogadoo Retreat | Montenegro Yoga Retreat | Yoga Antigua | POP Brixton | Catford Women's Circle | Immersive Yoga Ninth Life | The Maudsley | 'Join The Goddess Squad' Spiritual Wellness Events

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